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City Secretary

  1. Letter from the Mayor

    Letter of Congratulations from the Mayor

  2. Right of Way Utility Work Contractor Registration
  1. Request for Information

    Request for information

Conference Center

  1. Request for Proposal

    Fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get in touch to provide a detailed proposal for your review. We look forward... More…

Human Resources

  1. Inter-Department Transfer

    Employees may apply for transfers using this form.

Library Forms

  1. Adult Volunteer Application
  2. Application for Adult Card

    This application is for anyone that is the age of seventeen (17) years or older.

  3. Donations In Memory Of/Honor Of

    This form is for making a donation to the library in memory of or in honor of a person. This form can be submitted online and then you... More…

  4. Friends of the Decatur Public Library Membership/Renewal Form

    If you wish to become a Friend of the Decatur Public Library or to renew an existing membership, please fill out this form.

  5. Library Event Or Class Registration Form

    Some library events and classes require registration due to limited seating or materials. Please fill out the form if the event or... More…

  6. Report Damaged Item
  7. Role Playing Games Registration - Teens/Adults

    If you'd like to participate in our virtual Tabletop Role Playing Games program, please register here! We will send you a confirmation... More…

  8. Teen Programming Survey

    What programs and events do you want to see at the Decatur Public Library?

  1. Annual Circulating Technology Policy
  2. Application for Children's Card

    This application is for anyone that is under the age of seventeen (17).

  3. Donations to the Decatur Public Library

    This form can be submitted online and then you may stop by the library with your donation or you may fill out the form and print it out... More…

  4. Furry Friends Of The Library Membership

    This form is for donations made in honor of or in memoriam of your pet. You may submit your form online and then stop by the library... More…

  5. Outreach Expansion Survey

    The Decatur Library Foundation is considering obtaining a bookmobile for Decatur Public Library. The bookmobile would be used as a... More…

  6. Role Playing Games Registration - Kids

    If you'd like to participate in our virtual Tabletop Role Playing Games program (ages 8-11), please register here! We will send you a... More…

  7. Teen Advisory Board Application

    The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of teens volunteering their time and efforts to the library. TAB helps organize events and... More…

  8. Teen Volunteer Form

Parks & Recreation

  1. City of Decatur Parks & Recreation Athletic Scheduling-Field Application

    To be accepted, all required fields mus t be completed and the form must be signed.

Planning and Development

  1. Board / Commission Application Form

    Please only fill out and submit this application if you are interested in serving on either the Planning and Zoning Commission or the... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Application for Service

    Form used to apply for new service with the City of Decatur, TX.

  2. Property Owner/Manager Registration
  3. Utility Account Changes

    This form is used to close your account, update your mailing address, or make a legal name change to your account.

  1. Bank Draft Authorization
  2. Service Disconnection Form

    To disconnect current utility services provided by the City of Decatur, TX, please complete and submit this form at least ONE BUSINESS... More…